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No Fee Mortgage Advice

free mortgage advice

Mortgage advice – all the knowhow, zero fees

All mortgage advisers earn commission from the bank or building society that lends you the money to buy or remortgage your home. This is on top of what you give them as a fee for mortgage and protection advice.

MK Mortgages are different. I believe you have enough to pay for when purchasing or remortgaging a property, so I don’t charge you for our mortgage advice, at any stage, at all.

Good isn’t it?

I’m not like everybody else

MK Mortgages does not charge an ‘initial consultation fee’, I don’t offer a free process with a bill at the end – or any sort of bill in fact. We are simply fee-free and receive solely the commission payment from our whole of market lenders.

I do, however, adhere to the FCA guidelines, and am part of Quilter Financial Planning network. That way, I ensure I’m giving fair, professional advice and remain a whole of market adviser.

Ultimately, your most important thing is to find an adviser who is qualified, trustworthy and able to provide advice that is in your best interests. I hope you choose me as your fee-free mortgage adviser, for those reasons.

How does fee-free mortgage advice work?

At MK Mortgages I listen more than I talk because your wants, needs and desires help me shape the solution I provide. I will review your income versus spending and look at the deposit or equity and use this information to design a mortgage solution that suits your current needs. Many advisers recommend products to their clients, but I prefer to deliver information, discuss the options and then agree an outcome. My clients always understand WHY they have the product they have and will have been fully involved in the decision making process. This level of advice typically comes with a fee, which can be a flat rate or a percentage of the mortgage amount, However…

The commission MK Mortgages receives from every mortgage I arrange covers my costs and provides for mine and my team’s time. I therefore choose not to charge extra to you, because I don’t have to.

Our mortgage advice helps you to:

  • Put your advice fee towards something else

  • Decide on a mortgage which is right for you, not for us

  • Go through the process fully informed

  • Feel confident you’ve made the right choice

Contact MK Mortgages

Please use the contact form to get in touch. The earlier you start the process the better.

Marc Kavanagh is a non-fee charging, whole of market mortgage adviser, providing advice purely for your benefit.

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