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Having spent over 18 years in the military myself, I understand your circumstances, because I’ve been there…

For serving military personnel, life can be very different to your average employed person. But a mortgage is a mortgage and although some mortgage companies state that they specialise in armed forces mortgages, things aren’t that different.

Marc Kavanagh

“I’m proud to be known for providing honest, straightforward mortgage related advice so my clients can make confident financial decisions.

Myself and Sooz do everything we can to demystify the world of mortgages, clarify the process, provide as much choice as possible and handle the paperwork for you..

Clients have told us that they appreciate being able to talk and ask questions at any point of the process without being charged any fees. We listen more than we talk, because getting to know you, your desires and goals leaves us better equipped to find a mortgage or insurance deal that works best for you.”

– Marc Kavanagh, founder, MK Mortgages

Marc’s military career gave him the skills to be concise, accurate and quick-thinking. He is regimented and yet creative in his approach to finding solutions and so when it comes to dealing with mortgage queries, he’s on the case!

A fan of rugby, physical challenges such as recreating historic military expeditions and of course spending quality time with his family, Marc is nothing if not motivated.


Personal Assistant to Marc

Sooz has known Marc for many years (she will say, too many to mention), but joined MK Mortgages in 2018 as administrative support and personal assistant.

She will therefore admit to having a unique understanding of Marc’s ethos and how important giving value is to the company. More than that though, Sooz shares Marc’s vision of making mortgages easier and more accessible for everyone.

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Marc Kavanagh is a non-fee charging, whole of market mortgage adviser, providing advice purely for your benefit.

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