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If you’re facing that time in your homeownership that many people dread – remortgaging, I get it. It can mean getting lots of paperwork together, valuations, legal work and time on the phone or in a meeting with your mortgage broker to find the next mortgage deal.

But why do people dread the process? I think (dangerous I know) that we’ve all become very used to the speed of life and expect everything to be done within 48 hrs. Go online and order something before midnight and it’s generally here the next day, or you’re disappointed if it takes a few days!

Question – do you actually read the reviews, do you research the ‘products related to this item’ section, do you read the terms and conditions? Who reads those long Ts&Cs anyway?! Very few I’m sure and why? Because it’s long and boring and you just want that new phone/watch/TV/outfit…

Sorry, but choosing a mortgage is a little different – despite Amazon now offering insurance I certainly wouldn’t recommend choosing a mortgage in the same way – even if you pay for next day delivery… You are borrowing hundreds of thousands of pounds, so it needs some serious time and thought to make sure you make the right choice.

That’s why I want you to think about your mortgage renewal if it’s happening next year – even if it’s not until autumn, the more time the better.

Why should you talk to a mortgage adviser early on?

The choice is all yours, but you may not have as much choice if you shop online for a remortgage on your own…

The role of the adviser is not to tell you what to do, it’s to provide information, explain the pros and cons of each option and then ultimately process the case and help you through the journey to a successful remortgage. Engaging with a mortgage adviser early on – even 9 months early, gives us both time to research how we can maximise your financial position.

Now every adviser worth their precious Google reviews is going to provide you a great service, access to whole of market options, support, experience, guidance etc. but some choose to charge you a fee. Fine, they can do this, but you really don’t need to be paying £200-£1000 in advice/admin fees to get the right mortgage. I’ve been doing this 15+ years now and apart from a very short period of time I’ve been fee-free.

It’s time to prepare for 2024

Great Google reviews are one thing, but it doesn’t change the pursuit of excellence for me. I can’t promise you the cheapest remortgage rate, or to save you money or even find you the ‘best’ mortgage – everyone’s different and what’s RIGHT for you is what I’m interested in (and saving you time and worry).

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal in 2024, don’t waste time online, get in touch today so we can start preparing.