A woman with her chin in her hand, looking bored at a laptop

I’m probably one of the most impatient people there is, I even annoy myself at times! It’s sometimes so bad that I don’t completely fill the car up with petrol as I get bored waiting, it takes too long…

I don’t queue, I’d rather go away and come back another day… I rarely wait on hold, I’d rather try my luck again later…

BUT, even being ‘one of those’ people, it still frustrates me when people think that getting a mortgage is like ordering something online and having it arrive tomorrow.

Borrowing hundreds of thousands of pounds on a mortgage needs careful thought and consideration on your part, and that of the mortgage lender, and so it shouldn’t be rushed into, ever.

Okay some people have more experience with managing their money than others and don’t need so long to make a decision, but if it takes you longer who cares? Who does it really affect? Only you, and you’re the one who needs to be confident about your finances at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter what other people do, this is about you and being selfish in this instance is perfectly okay!

If you want another phone call, teams meeting or zoom that’s fine with me. I’d rather we spend longer at the front end making sure you’re confident with the mortgage process instead of saying to me two months’ down the line that you just went with the flow and didn’t really understand what you were signing…

After all, if I’m not charging* you for every minute we spend talking about your mortgage or protection, why should you rush?

It’s a common misconception that it’s my job to recommend that you take a particular mortgage rate or deal. But how do I know what’s going to happen tomorrow let along what happens in 2,3 or 5 yrs time? Mortgage advisers don’t have the keys to a secret vault of information.

In fact, my role is to provide information, discuss the pros and cons of the options and then let YOU make the final decision on the right mortgage for you, based on those facts.

So, for a no nonsense approach to mortgage and protection advice, with no fees*, give me a call and get started.


*Whilst I do not charge my mortgage clients for my advice or administration during the process, I do receive commission from the lender on every mortgage I help arrange.